Since there is no age limit or parental control on Social Media, in some cases young people use the app as long as they need to rest or study. Assuming you need to receive online notifications when your kids use it, WeOnline is the best answer for you. application. We’ll send you instant alerts about your relatives’ last seen and online status.


Detailed reports with daily charts

• Monitor all past activities of the user you follow.

• Detailed tracking reports on the basis of day, hour and minute.


Wlogin Last Seen For whatsapp provides instant alerts and detailed reports on online activity up to an unlimited number of detailed reports.


Open the app, add the number you want to track without having to open any account.

You can turn notifications on or off as you wish. Thanks to the notification feature, as long as you are connected to the internet, you will be instantly informed when the number you follow enters and exits Whatsapp.

You can purchase monthly or weekly packages to track multiple numbers at once.


Want to know how often your loved ones are online on WhatsApp? Do you want to know if they are safe and sound using a family monitoring app? Last Seen is the most reliable parental monitoring app to check online last seen activities of your family members and kids.


Get online and offline status notifications. Is it fits? Or did he sleep? Get instant notifications and detailed reports.


The Last Seen app is designed to take care of the whole family and monitor their last seen online activity on WhatsApp. You can follow your busy family and get instant notification when your kids are online or offline on WhatsApp.

Last Seen For whatsapp 

With Last Seen tracking and reporting features, get real-time information on online last seen statistics, learn about your loved ones’ online activities on WhatsApp, and track your kids day and night.


Family is one of the most important aspects of our lives, so knowing they are safe online gives us peace of mind. Last Seen will help you by showing you the last time your kids logged into WhatsApp and let you know how much time they spent in the messaging app.

With WeOnline Seen, you can perform parental control for your children, see their last seen times and receive instant notifications when the person is online.

You can view the time spent in whatsapp and receive it as an email in the form of a report.

You can write to us about the issues you are stuck with and get live support from us.

With different package options, you can buy packages for the period you want (monthly/weekly) and within your budget and add a number.

WA Agent: for whatsapp

Would you like to track the activity of your loved one or your child while using WhatsApp? Here is a great tracking and notifications app for you; WA agent – online last seen  for WhatsApp. With this application, you can add the number you want and start tracking immediately with activity notifications.


WA agent – online last seen  for WhatsApp Features

⭐ You can see the WhatsApp login and exit times of the number you monitor WhatsApp activity in detail and report how long it spent in the app.

⭐ You can view your reports in monthly, weekly, or hourly forms.

⭐ With different package options, you can add and track many different phone num to your watch list.

⭐ You can name any mobile num you add.

⭐ Thanks to the instant notifications feature, you will be notified as soon as the number you follow is active in WhatsApp.

⭐Notify as soon as the phone no you follow is active by instantly notifications

In WA agent – online last seen  for WhatsApp app, you can monitor the activity of any number you want from anywhere in the world without having to open an account. In addition, thanks to this application, you can follow and easily see the online last seen of the number in addition to its active status as soon as you get notifications thanks to notify feature of last seen app. With this last seen  for WhatsApp application, families can control and monitor their children’s social media usage. In this way, you can pay attention to safe social media use.


Our last seen  application, which has been produced within the legal frameworks, basically aims to control the use of safe social media and the time spent in social media applications by notify the activity. Thanks to this application, you can start tracking by adding your own phone number instead of tracking someone’s activity with instantly notify. You can add your own phone and start tracking and view your online WhatsApp activity hourly, daily, and monthly. In this way, you can follow the time you spend in your own social media app and gain a conscious usage thanks to notifying.

You can turn on and off notify the notifications that instantly inform you of the activity, online and offline person you follow (or your own number). In addition, even if you track more than one phone num at the same time, it notify to you the status of all of them within the names you give.


Your privacy is important to us, so people you follow WhatsApp activity and online last seen app is not have any notify. As soon as the phone num you follow is active, you will have a notify, but this notifications is not made to anyone else.


To track the social media activity and online last seen status safely for your child, loved ones, other ones, or yourself, download the application now, get WhatsApp activity notifications and start following.